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1. New year’s is the best time to celebrate and stuff hehe…

2. The silliest way to ring in the new year are pots and woks.

3. My family’s new year’s traditions is visiting my grandparents in Taft (very far place, the trip makes me woozy and all) and celebrate the new year together.

4. Every new year, I like to wait till the clock strikes 12 and sleep ten minutes right after and wake up very late and chow down on the food that we prepared last night.

5. I started my countdown for the new year at (by time) half past 11 perhaps, (by place) maybe I was in the bedroom ’cause i slept…XD

6. What is my one wish for the world during the new year? this wish is kinda hippie-ish, (what? i ran out of words) its WORLD PEACE.___________________

7. If I could be anywhere in the world at midnight on new year’s eve, I would go to probably somewhere with a good view of the fireworks, or jus’ maybe on the bedroom ’cause I’m gonna sleep on it thats why… _________

8. Make a list of 15 words the new year makes you think about – why do these words come to mind?

*sleep: am I gonna? ’cause sometimes I get really bored…

*food: mah body needs MOAR!!! but seriously it needs more.

*firecrackers: the vendors are buying an selling, the doctors are operating, the patient/victims are like “WAHHHH!!!!”

*the streets: they need massive clean-up

*my friends: i hope nothin’ bad happens to them.

*money: lots and lots of  money!

*school: i need to more serious in this matter.

*time: I need more of this stuff…but where to get some hmm…

*presents: I haven’t received any in a long, long time.

*morphine: the hospitals need them now!!!

*my computer: it needs to  be fixed right away.

*clothes: I need more.

*pokemon: I need to catch ’em all…hahaha XDD

*serious: I need to more serious in whats gonna happen next.

*this new year: I’m gonna be real busy I guess.

Looking Back…

9. The best thing I accomplished last year is probably the time I finished 3rd year high school.

10. The one word to describe my past year is fun, and this is why this year I want those fun thing to happen again this year.

11. The most exciting thing I did all year-long was hanging out with my friends, and while I’m at the computer cafes I enjoy winning.

12. How can I thank someone who helped me last year? I guess i can pay him by doing the same thing he did to me.

13. Something I did last year that I want to do again this year is travel some more.

14. The most important lesson in life that I learned in 2010 is to ALWAYS pick the right people.

15. My favorite place last year is CYBERNOOK. (what? I went to that place very often)

16. What were the best things that happened during the last year? I think it was the time we won a bet against the “baby hawks” but they never paid…(the winning part was awesome)

17. The most important resolution I ever kept is always pick the right people.

18. My favorite part of school last year was the emergency meetings which lead to the part “classes are now dismissed”.

19. The best month of last year was feb-march i think ’cause we travelled a lot those times.

20. What is one regular practice I would like to adopt next year? I would like to stop procrastinating.

21. I will miss last year because I really spent a lot of time with my other friends there, and that was the only opportunity o got to do it.

22. The thing I was most excited about last year was winning that bet.

23. The nicest thing I did last year was helping my friends a lot.

24. The most interesting person I met last year was the person who I sometimes borrow money from.

25. My best friends last year were AMA, etc because we help each other not just in the computer cafes.

26. I was excited when I learned about communism (what? its a pretty interesting topic thank you plus this country needs to try it, it can lead to success) last year

27. The best journal entry I wrote last year I actually do not write that much, so I can’t really say.

28. The hardest thing I had to do last year was doing the right thing (yeah i was that bad person you know much).

29. I’m thankful that “it” (“it” refers to the event that lead me to 4-newton where i met a lot of interesting people and get to find the right people which lead me here.) happened last year

30. Something that I didn’t want to do last year, but that I’m glad I did, is hanging with the wrong people, but they sure helped avoid them and go to people I’m with now.

31. The most important thing that happened all year (2010) moving to the 4th year.

Looking forward…

32. In the new year, I will save a lot of money and spend it all at once (not on  useless junk)

33. Something I would change about last year is the fact that I was being really careless of what really was incredibly important which lead to my failure of things unmeasurable.

34. Five things that will change about me this new year are

*the fact that I procrastinate a lot.

*i would like to change my attitude for the better.

*I want to be more thrifty.

*I want to be more useful.

*I want to become a better person.

35. Something I’m looking forward to this new year is the new me.

36. My favorite part of the year is just about to happen.

37. One resolution that I really want to keep this year is pick the right people.

38. Something that I put off doing last year that I want to do this year saving a lot of  money.

39. My biggest goal for this year is moving up to college and finishing up the course that I chose.

40. One thing that I’m praying for this new year is good and successful year to my family and friends.



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My charted life   Leave a comment

Dreams, all kinds of people have them. I also have my own, but they seem to be rising by the time so I’ll just go with the basics. First of all, I love music therefore someday i want to be in a band as as bassist or perhaps a drummer, but then again I don’t do performing in front of people. So I practice my drawing skills an someday I want to be a great architect or perhaps an artist. Anyone can dream ehh?









What to do:

Finish high school

Finish college

Get myself a temporary job

Get myself a real stable job, buy my own House

Get myself the woman I love

Live a happy life

Live free and die a happy man

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If I had it my way…   Leave a comment

Life is full of regret… For an instance you want to undo something you did or do something you didn’t, but how can we… We don’t have the power to do so. But if we did, what would you do? Well basically I want to undo the worst things that I’ve done and do the things that i should have in order to make me a better person. But one of the worst things that I did was procrastinating, i took some for granted thats why i did not have the right answers. But the next time this happens again, i will try not to procrastinate ever again. And this is the part where I run out of clever words, this will be all from this blog hope to write again, and if there are any suggestions do put them in comment section below. Thank you for reading and goodbye. :DD

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My First Blog…   1 comment

Well pretty much the title says it all. And if by any chance a troll reads this, don’t bother putting on your annoying comments below. And by the way I am Marcial Francis Q. Filamor, I am a 15-year old student studying at EVSU, currently a 4th year student hoping to graduate by any means necessary. Well I guess thats enough information about me I’m leaving the rest confidential for many reasons… Since I’m new here, I’m not gonna put too much things, because I’m still new to this “blogging” so for now I’m settling to this and if i have the time I’ll do this sometime in the near future….:D

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Hello world!   1 comment

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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